GZ series electromagnetic vibrating feeder    RCT series of permanent magnetic roller    Strong magnetic bar    ZCY self-discharging type of pipeline iron-remover    RCYD(C)—magnetic self-dumping type of iron remover    RCDB SERIES OF DISC TYPE ELECTROMAGNETIC     Dry separator    YSH permanent magnetic wet-type high gradient     GYH series of strong magnet, roller type separator    CTB (N, S) Series of permanent  
Kunming Temai mechanical equipment co., Ltd is a private new & high technology enterprise mainly specialized in scientific research & development, producing equipment and technological design. The company is located at Kunming, one of ASEAN Free Trade Area and it has very convenient traffic. It mainly embarks on equipment research & development and mineral dressing process including engineering design consultation and mineral dressing employee training etc.....[More]
NAME Kunming Temai Mechanical Equipments Co., Ltd
TEL 0871-68589963
FAX 0871-68589237
ADDRESS No. 2 Unit, Building B, Yunling Tianjiao Community, Longquan North Road,Kunming City;
  Haikou Industrial Park, Xishan District, Kunming city

Kunming Temai mechanical equipment co., Ltd.      TEL: 0871-68589963    FAX: 0871-68589237 
ADD:Haikou Industrial Park, Xishan District, Kunming city